In the era of smart connected devices, the significance of user experience design extends to a diverse array of devices that are seamlessly integrating into daily existence. These devices introduce novel ways of engagement that demand intuitive and frictionless interactions.

As these new devices emerge, they often challenge established norms, requiring designers to envision and implement interfaces that anticipate users’ needs, behaviors, and expectations. This underscores the pivotal role of user experience design in shaping how we navigate and derive value from these innovative tools. Through thoughtful design, smart connected devices become not just functional utilities, but companions that understand and enhance our lives in ways we could never have foreseen.

Understanding User Needs

Prioritizing a deep understanding for people and context to create engaging and meaningful experiences.

While digital tools streamline processes and procedures, some products are still tangible and cannot be fully experienced digitally. These tangible items, often rooted in sensory or tactile interactions, offer an irreplaceable physical connection. Therefore, it is important to integrate products and services into the fabric of “virtual reality,” at different levels. This approach aims to ensure that your offerings are seamlessly accessible, discoverable, and engaging across a multitude of channels and platforms. Achieving a sense of desirability as an objective demands the presence of a robust and compelling concept that amplifies this approach. At C7 we help businesses to develop an idea that can be used digitally in the relevant areas as targeted content. This constitutes a dynamic process that should be consistently refined and adjusted.

Digital Narrative

Strategies that leverage technology while maintaining human connection

In an era dominated by screens, clicks, and likes, building a successful digital communication strategy hinge on a delicate balance between technology and human connection. Let us envision such strategy as a captivating narrative, with each chapter representing a distinct idea. The prose of creativity and technical expertise fuses these chapters together, crafting a work of art that not only fulfills a purpose but also speaks to the hearts of its intended audience. Seamlessly interweaving market insights and user aspirations while mirroring the dedication and vision of its architects. Different digital platforms demand distinct communication styles. At C7 we help you ask the right questions to your stakeholders and especially to your customers, to find out if everyone involved means the same thing and to make sure the narrative masterpiece is primed to enrapture the world.

Design Validation

We eliminate guesswork and drive for concrete insights into how users actually interact with the product.

Incorporating user feedback through validation helps bridge the gap between the architects’ intentions and users’ actual experiences. It results in a more effective and successful product ecosystem that resonates with users, increases satisfaction, and is genuinely user-centered.


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