Wireless food thermometer

ECPIN is a wireless thermometer that allows you to cook your food any way and anywhere you want and support you with real-time data and app monitoring.

Awarded with prestigious Hong Kong Smart Design Award.

Design highlight

The state-of the-art thermometer is waterproof (IPX 7) and makes use of a novel accuracy chip that achieves a 3 seconds response time with an ultra-high accuracy of +/-0.3C (at 50 to 100 C). The temperature probe is simply fold out of the main housing and inserted into the food while the reading is displayed on the upper side LCD. The overall look and feel of this new thermometer aimed to be modern and minimalistic and fit well with all types of contemporary kitchen.

Iterations and Refinements

During the development of this thermometer, we have gone through numerous iterations and refinements to achieve the right balance between various considerations. Our primary focus was on developing the ideal form factor for the delicate thermometer. Through careful development with sketching and modelling, we derived at a shape for the ceramic head that is easy to hold yet gives sufficient grip in use. We’ve conducted value engineering workshops to lower the overall manufacturing costs, resulting in an outcome that is truly unique and makes a good companion in any modern kitchen.


ECTherm is founded by an esteemed team of engineers passionate about making products that are not only meaningful, but help homemakers and weekend chefs realize their fullest potentials right in the comforts of their own kitchens.

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