Packaging design

nuband approached us with the task to refashion the packaging for their range or wearable devices. Their previous packaging didn’t achieve sufficient exposure due the somewhat boxy proportions. Through in-store visits we found out that retailers would prefer to store the packaging away rather then to display it on the shelf. Hence for this assignment we came up with a new layout for the pack contents, giving the new design slimmer, more elegant proportions that fit well with the dimensions of a typical wall shelf layout.

Design highlight

We’ve achieved to reduce the environmental impact by simplifying the numbers of parts and processes that go into the making. Essentially it’s made up of a formed paper-pulp shape that at the same time acts as a holder for the product and contains the charging wire and booklet. A printed paper label covers the front while a transparent sleeve closes it up. To communicate the various active components of their fitness bands we chose to make use of dynamic lines and vivid gradients. We’ve developed these graphics as part of the print on the label as well the main packaging through in-mold shapes that reconnect the outside in.

Instruction Manual

With more than 50 pages, nuband’s initial instruction manual contained a lot of information that did not contribute well to the user experience of people when unboxing the product. In contrast, we managed to compress the information to its essence and develop an easy-to-use and fun quick start guide. Unfolding the guide it reveals a step-by-step manual of the setup procedure, while the design of its color and tone of voice reconnect to the outer packaging design.


nuband is a UK based wearable brand in the health tech segment. The company is offering fitness trackers and wellness fashion devices to their customers.

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