Tanning device

megaSun’s Shuttle360° is a synonym for power & pleasure for an all-round tan. The shuttle is available with 13 Tubes built into the seat, each  with 40 Watts and 6×500 Watts Face tanner, based on megaSun’s advanced face-tanner technology of the 7000series. The  ergonomically formed arm rests contain additional 4×20 Watts hand tanner, for a 360 degree open tanning experience.

Design highlight

The megaSun Shuttle360° was designed in a way to accompany contemplation with a rapid moment of Zen when being on-the-go in a modern  metropolis.

Design highlight

The sleek design features a grease tray that is filled with water to capture all grease – and at the same time prevent smoke from developing during the grilling. Like all the other parts it can be removed and thrown into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


Headquarters in Dernbach/Germany, KBL megaSun solariums are counted among to the top class of solariums worldwide.

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