Self-serve vendor with Artificial Intelligence

We designed Smartretail’s new vending hero, a spacious new vending machine that packs a whole lot of products and is equipped with smart connectivity and electronics to make a purchase as flawless as possible for customers.


The smart vending machine is the latest in self-serve technology. With an advanced A.I. algorithm and facial recognition technology, this innovative new product has the ability to interact with a customer, make product recommendations based on both their facial expressions and features, as well as facilitate payments through standard credit/debit cards or mobile wallets that are linked directly to the machine’s interface.


In fact, it is the first vending machine of its kind, able to provide intelligent, interactive and customized services to help people make their purchasing decisions on the spot.

For example, if a person has purchased a drink from the machine before, it would remember what drink he likes best and what prices are acceptable for this type of drink. This way, it will make sure that this user will get a selection of beverages or other products that suit his preferences and budget needs.


The A.I. powered smart vending machine has been designed to cater to the ever changing needs of customers. It comes in two versions as a wall vendor or with an integrated stand. The base provides sufficient stability for the free-standing unit.

Featuring a large touchscreen display, it is easy to navigate and dispense snacks, drinks, personal hygiene products and more. Product owners can customize the smart vending machine with a variety of different tablet styles and functions. The selection is endless.


On the interior the products are aligned to the right on motorized trays that advance them to a drop out channel on the opposite side. The gap between the spiral system and the left wall guides the products into a metal tray directly below the access door where a user can collect the selected product. There are several additional features built into the design to prevent vandalism and product theft, making this product a great contribution to the modern self-serve technology sector.

The smart vending machine was launched with evolcare in Indonesia.