BBQ design

The barbecue experience is often generalized as being a summer tradition with it bringing eating to a more social setting between peers family and friends. With Q we’ve created a shining new BBQ proposition for people that are seeking functionality, comfort and style.

Design highlight

Positioned at semi-professional level, the Q home BBQ grill is equipped with a host of sophisticated new features including a novel integrated chimney fire starter. Charcoal is placed into the starter cylinder and lit up with starter cubes. The flames will start burning the charcoal and through the ‘chimney effect’ causing them to grow from the bottom all the way to the top. Once the coals are sufficiently lit, one can simply push them up into the BBQ bowl and start to cook.


Q is equipped with a sturdy frame construction that provides lots of work areas during and after the cooking. It holds two cherry wood cutting boards on each side that can be removed and used as serving trays while other accessories feature an integrated thermometer, a spring loaded lid for slow closing, and three different cooking grids including a plancha type to prepare fish, seafood and vegetables with ease.


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