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We’ve been awarded for our contribution to a less harmful environment by designing a product that cleans the air inside any closed room like for example a car – where people might breath in harmful airborne particulates when commuting, like┬ásmoke, dust, and pollen, gaseous pollutants and of cause germs and bacteria.

We’ve conceived a highly efficient air purifier that is used in the automotive interior to eliminate all these
volatile organic compounds when inside the car. The device is operating on 12V and can be placed in any place inside the car even under the seat.

It is equipped with a sensor unit to measure the concentration of dust particles, which will be used as an indication of air quality shown as high, moderate or low dust concentrations in the air.

Honored with prestigious iF Product Design Award for design excellence.


  • CLIENT: Philips
  • TASK: Ideation, Concept Development, Industrial Design, Evaluation
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