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With the new Philips Avance Mixer we’ve created a true all-rounder for the modern kitchen. Mixing, chopping and blending is now all done in one device. We’ve approached the design with an iconic silhouette that is simple yet understated.

The mixer is lightweight but equipped with a powerful 750W motor that ensures a super smooth lump free result. The Avance Mixer is equipped with a host of accessories and functions. When the Fleximix function is activated, the two beaters or kneading hooks not only move sideways but also vertically, effectively creating 3-dimensional spatial blending effect.

We took great care of every single detail of this modular system and ensured that all parts work harmoniously together, functionally and aesthetically. All form and details have been designed with this single thought in mind, making sure the product behaves complementary to the many interaction modes and accessories with maximum stability and control.


    • CLIENT:Philips
    • TASK:Ideation, Concept Creation, Industrial Design


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