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Mingle has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing precision instruments, the company is one of the largest bi-metal thermometer manufacturers in Asia. C7DESIGN was commissioned to develop Mingle’s next-generation kitchen thermometer. As a result, we’ve developed a high-class, high-performance kitchen assistant that is suitable for anyone who wants to be in control of the right temperature while cooking. The state-of-the-art device is waterproof (IPX 7) and makes use of a novel accuracy chip that achieves a 3 seconds response time with an ultra-high accuracy of +/-0.3C (at 50° to 100° C). All thermometer settings can be controlled via a single multi-functional touch sensitive button. The probe is simply fold out of the main housing and inserted into the food while the reading is displayed on the upper side on a black LCD with prominent white digits that enhance the contrast and visibility of the display. We’ve interpreted the design of this elegant new device by simple iconic shapes and harmonious proportions that make it a great companion in every modern kitchen.


  • CLIENT: Mingle Instruments
  • TASK: Concept Development, Industrial Design
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