Jump starter

Jump Starters are an essential part of car maintenance and care, with nobody wanting to be stuck with a flat battery. Well-known battery brand BENTON commissioned us to redesign their product portfolio including a brand new proposition for a Jump Starter that is equipped with many new benefits.

Design highlight

BENTON’s Jump Starter is a versatile and compact power pack that can crank up classic cars, modern luxury limousines and off-roaders with a 700 AMP boost. Its built-in electronics will adjust to the car’s battery voltage and display it on seven-segment display that shines through the front housing when connected.
All major UI elements are facing to the front of the product to make operation intuitive and enhance control over the many of the Jump Starter’s functions.


The Jump Starter features two super bright LED light strips that can be switched on for emergency operations at night, a 12V adapter and two USB ports behind flexible rubber covers.
Best of all, the ergonomically formed battery clams ensure easy handling, secure clamping force and a perfect grip, no matter where the battery is located. Both are connected through coated 1.2m long extra thick copper wires that wind themselves up after the boost.


Benton is a specialist manufacturer of battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries covering vehicles, boats and industrial applications.

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