Floor trunking

Lik Hung commissioned us to extend their comprehensive trunking portfolio by the design of a clever new cavity floor service box.


To achieve the design of this innovative new product we’ve employed a variety of materials, for example nylon 66 with fiber glass for strength, TPV silicone for flexible wire exits, epoxy-based powder paints for durability and a long-lasting finishing. The floor box gains it’s elegant appearance through the black printed tempered glass décor panel on the floor box surface but since the design is based on a modular structure, the appearance can be changed to adjust to any kind of floor no matter if, marble, concrete, carpet or wood.

Design highlight

The design of the box introduces a host of improvements compared to traditional designs such as wave-inspired upstands that act as both wire exit retainers and support structures, a patented novel hinge design that allows the lid to be removed at 90 degrees position, and locked in place in “open mode” once past 90 degrees angle and a more convenient wire exit at 3 sides of the box, that is secured by a 1-piece rubber rim, combining practicality and form.


Lik Hung has been manufacturing superior electrical and cable containment products in Hong Kong and China. The company provides a complete range of high quality cable trunking, fitting, trays and accessories for various projects. It is also one of the major suppliers for the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Architectural Service Department of the HK S.A.R. government.

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