Car blower

Many people are not aware how susceptible car paints are to scratches. Car detailers therefore use professional tools to blow water off the vehicles  after washing and reduce the surface contact to keep the paint in good shape. For Southsight enterprises we’ve designed a unique home car blower that is lightweight and powerful at the same time.

Design highlight

The new autocanon turbo is a cordless car dryer equipped with a removable 20 volt lithium ion battery pack. Saving time in car detailing without compromising on performance, its powerful fan turns up to 13000r/min ensuring a constant airflow that sweeps away any droplet from the hood. The autocanon turbo comes with a host of accessories to make car detailing at home a breeze.



South Sight Enterprises is a Hong Kong based Company manufacturing all kinds of work, sport, motocross and cycling accessories.

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