We create design reseach and case studies with careful consideration on
the context, culture and interactions involved. We then share our insight
through our trend forecast.

Industrial design

We are experienced product designers with great knowledge in design
aesthetics, user experience, manufacturing and market desires. Some of
the companies we worked with include Lenovo, Gear4, Philips, etc.

Graphic design

We are master visualizers with great attention to details. We provide a broad
range of visual solutions through a diverse platform, including app UX,
infographics, packaging design, editorial, etc.

Event and lifestyle design

Good experience is never limited to a product or service level. With our
understanding in user experience, latest trends and lifestyles, we develop
them into beautiful events and installations.

User experience / Service design

We believe a good idea can only be understood with a good user
experience in mind. We construct in-depth studies and plans on every
unique situation in order to create experiences consumers remember.

Visual mechandising

Branding would not be complete without an attractive visual space.
We use our comprehensive knowledge in consumer motivation and
come up with out-of-the-box ideas that captivate peoples imaginations.