Our design approach is based on a human-centered process that aims to develop the best possible understanding of people, their needs and motivations.

Through our iterative methodology we advance systematically from the fuzzy front end right up to a proposal which can be readily validated in the market. Our aim is to create inspired design for people and memorable brands for our clients

Research & Analysis

Identifying signals and trends which influence consumer expectations by choosing from different tools to address the specific task

Deep dive

Through our design approach we develop a deep understanding for practices and motives of people by seeing through the eyes of a user, exploring context and understanding market potential and maturity

Semantic Framework

Methodology to illustrate insights and project creative directions intended to address how a product or service would sit within the system as whole


A set of tools are used to synthesize the design research and narrative ensuring that the experience develops seamlessly

360 degree

Approaching the project from different angles by visualizing concept maps, personas and scenarios to create a situation specific to the design context


We use simple but effective ideation sketches, construction drawings, mental model diagrams, flow charts and other rapid prototypes at various levels of resolution for testing, analysis and refinement

Creative Authorship

Supporting business goals by integrating the product, brand and service promise into relevant communication strategies


Devising the right specifications of a particular product or service to support the production and implementation process that resonate with consumers


Communicating the essence of the design solution, so that a move towards evaluating the quality of the design provides comparative data needed for successful management

Over the past 10 years the team at C7DESIGN has served numerous clients in various industries and domains including: consumer lifestyle, healthcare, lighting, communication, retail and packaging.
  • Dexim
  • Certon
  • Triumph
  • Philips
  • MTA Industries
  • megaSun
  • OSM
  • Nivea
  • DanyCare
  • Aerosoles
  • Telefield
  • Swarovski
  • Coca Cola
  • brandloyalty
  • Silver Cross
  • Footspot
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Binatone
  • Brabantia
  • Lane Crawford
  • Lenovo
  • Swire