At the forefront of the elevator industry, TKE’s ‘housestyle’ brand direction is a result of global dialogue that reached all corners of the world. This fierce commitment resulted in a 2 year assignment, the aim of which was to define signature principles leading the way to design touchpoints and ultimately a more recognizable brand identity.
Housestyle created a 200 page compendium that captures the entire user experience and defines the rules of the design DNA. We’ve also ensured this compendium will be followed diligently in the industrialization phase of the product.
As part of the housestyle program we have developed the Agile In Car UI.
New generation TKE Elevators in Brazil will be operated through touch sensitive interfaces rather the traditional button operating panels. TKE utilizes a UI system called AGILE that works on a predefined screen grid. We have developed the user interfaces for the new housestyle design and kiosks.
To improve intuitiveness and user-friendliness to each user-facing touch point we mapped the user journey and identified several distinct stages that users go through when interacting with the system. We then developed a corresponding style the user interface adapts, according to the present condition in the user journey.
All buttons communicate their various states through their symbol and color. Since the interface grid is dynamically reconfigured, buttons can attain more real estate depending on their corresponding function.
Watch a presentation of the new user interface here:
Agile UI presentation