Product Design Agency

At C7DESIGN Studio we transform ideas that engage with people – emotionally and intellectually

We are an award-winning product design agency with the ambition to deliver value to our clients. We do so by focusing our creative energy on curating great experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Get to know your customers with user research

Understanding your target group is the first step to success when entering a new market.
Through in-depth user research, market studies and contextual assessments we frame competitive opportunities that identify your customer’s behaviors, desires and needs.

Transform your ideas into tangible products

We take your ideas to the next level by conceptualizing opportunities at early stage. In the design process, we establish the overall design aesthetics, pinpoint the unique selling points, and develop initial structures and ergonomics.

No experience is complete without meaningful interactions

A great user experience is one that makes people feel comfortable with a product or system. It usually plays out in different forms across multiple touchpoints, including in-app interactions, user interface and product operations.

From rapid prototyping to pre-production models

Physical models are the best way to showcase your product ideas and obtain user validation. We offer a wide range of prototyping services to help you materialize your product ideas, including 3D printing, look-alike models and functional prototypes.

Build your brand with visual merchandising

Building a good image is essential to set the right tone for your customers. We provide a broad range of branding services, including graphic design, packaging design, event design and visual merchandising.

A selection of our recent design work

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Concept Creation, Packaging Design
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Concept Creation, Industrial Design
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Concept Creation, Industrial Design
smart home
Concept Creation, Industrial Design