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Bread baking at home has never been easier with the Philips HD9090 Breadmaker. The machine comes with a intuitive user interface and 14 pre-set programs that bake any bread to perfection, from rich and satisfying whole wheat to gluten free, French and sweet varieties. It also makes delicious dough for pasta, pizza, bagels, cookies and pastries – and jams too.

Besides the variety in bread type, the Multi bread Shaper accessory allows to bake bread in any shape too, from baguettes, buns or rolls, to fun snacks like pretzels and party rolls. With the build-in delay timer one can start a program a night before and wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh warm bread – a perfect way to start the day!


  • CLIENT: Philips
  • TASK:Concept Creation, Industrial Design, Portfolio Build-Up
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