At C7DESIGN Studio we transform ideas that engage with people – emotionally and intellectually

We are a well-reputed product design agency with the ambition to deliver value to our clients. We offer businesses the capabilities to think beyond individual products to holistic systems and to align the right methodology with the desired experience and business model. Doing so we can draw from a pool of experiences in various fields and surface all the critical components that might lead up to an innovative implication. Our aim is to create an understanding of what really motivates people – who ultimately will decide if a design has been articulated in an approachable manner and is in tune with their individual lifestyles.

Design Research & Trend AnalysisRead More

Only insightful questions can
turn observations into meaningful

Our work is grounded in research that identifies
people’s behaviors, desires and needs. The
insights we gain are combined with market
and technology trends to frame competitive

Design Strategy & Creative DirectionRead More

Insights, intuition, and contextual
appropriation is what fuel our

Great products are the result of a multidisciplinary
team and hard work. At C7DESIGN our methodology covers the
entire product creation process from ideation to

Brand Identity & Visual CommunicationRead More

Your brand is the vital force of your
business. It needs to trigger and
delight people.

We combine expertise and know-how to refine and
transform ideas into tangible assets for business
growth. We develop design identity programs and
strategic product roadmaps as well as impactful
service design blueprints.


megaSun Shuttle 360°
Industrial Design
Three Head Shaver
Industrial Design
Light Table
Industrial Design
TORO Led Track Light
Industrial Design
iPhone 5 Accessories
Industrial Design
Indestructible Hard Drive
Industrial Design
Our Team is Brilliant
  • Dennis Vetu
    Dennis VetuIndustrial Design , Design Thinking

    Infusing bold ideas with meaning to enchant, inspire and transform the ways people experience products, services, and brands.

  • Twiggy Li
    Twiggy LiVisual Communication , Identity Design

    Unfolding the beautiful shades of immersion with sound retail strategies that create impactful constellations and memorable results.

  • Adler Looks Jorge
    Adler Looks JorgeUser Experience Design , Strategic Design

    Envisioning value creation on systemic levels between business innovation and social responsibility. 

  • Stephen Hor
    Stephen HorIndustrial Design

    Applying constructive thinking to conceptual problem solving.

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