Our proven and advanced research methods and
tools give us strong insights that ensure your
product or service will offer enhanced user
experience, aesthetic impact and elevated value
not only within but also across cultures and
markets. We analyze macro-trends and apply various
methodologies to unearth understanding for people,
context and opportunity. We asses product lifecycles
and strategize market opportunities unison your
marketing objectives.

Our approach is rooted in an organic human—centered
process in which we apply design thinking to a creative
problem solving methodology that encompasses business
strategy, technology and creativity to form concepts,
solutions and actions. We are tapping into a reservoir of
multidisciplinary skills and blend cultural knowledge
with strategic tools to elicit user value at early stages
and to uncover opportunity areas that help empathize,
question norms and explore innovative solutions.

We are well suited to take stewardship when creating identity
programs, developing brand communication assets and product-service systems (PSS). User-centered design methods such as personas, user journeys, and others, provide us with a valuable set of sense-making tools informing service blueprints at whatever part or stage of the development we are in. We recognize design’s
capacity to become a catalyst for social change by incorporating tangible and intangible assets to these constellations.


We create inspired design for people and memorable brands for our clients

C7DESIGN provides a range of forward-thinking design services aimed to create better designed value propositions and to unfold and amplify winning ideas for growth. We do so through a simple yet effective approach to value creation. >>

» design research and trend forecasting

» user experience and service design

» industrial, interaction and identity design

» visual communication

» event and lifestyle design

» visual merchandising